A supportive culture, transparency and best practice exchange will keep your company ahead of the game and innovative. I can help you to foster the exchange between colleagues within units and across units. Furthermore I help to design innovation challenges and learning journeys. Formats like these help your company and your staff to ignite the spirit that fuels the fruitful culture and innovation power of startups and young companies.

Cooperations meet start-ups

Often large cooperations buy and incorporate startups or want to adapt elements of the way startups work. In this case I help to create appreciation of both cultures and build bridges between the very different mindsets. Creating events that cater to the needs of C-level employees and millennials alike.

For both of these services I rely on my training in different group facilliation techniques. Additionally I have been vividly participating in many innovative projects in the realm of startups and young companies in Berlin over the past years. I’ve also built a network of colleagues including Design Thinkers, Visual Facilitators, Graphic Recorders and event experts who can join me in achieving your company vision. Having already with these colleagues, we can easily collaborate to design a conference format that grants a seamless and lasting experience for your company.