I have a years of experience in hosting classical events such as conferences, panel discussions, marketing events, large scale events, press conferences and award ceremonies. I’m at home on stage or on air, with an audience ranging from an intimate 50 people up to 5000 spectators. Furthermore, I am avid for hosting new formats often found in the startup-scene such as innovation challenges, hackathons, bar camps, un-conferences, match-making events and pitches.
Since conferences and events are my everyday business, I also offer to assist you in the event creation process.  I can bring in my wealth of experience in order to sharpen your programming, insert interactive elements or work on a design that engages the participants to contribute with their own ideas and input on the spot.

Contact me if you want to have your event delivered in a fresh and pleasant way. I’m always focused on what matters and getting people into the spirit of the event.