Is your team in sync for the tasks ahead? Is team communication at a productive level? I design and facilitate in-house workshops to get your team ready for the road ahead, including vision, strategy and implementation. If need be, I can help to smooth friction within a group.

Within a predefined frame, I design and facilitate in-house workshops that allow your team to, for example:

– participate in creating a collective vision on the one hand and individual milestones on the other hand.
– create a roadmap for the next months ahead.
– review projects, gather findings and apply these to the next project.
– update different departments within one organization and synchronize activities.

These workshops can be short and crisp sessions of half a day or a series of several days. They can be designed to serve a small number of people or bring a large, diverse group of stakeholders together.


Sometimes substantial team conflicts or friction between company employees can cause a great loss in efficiency and thus money. In situations like these, I design a mediation process to help the people involved clear up issues and work towards a solution. For bigger teams, I co-mediate with colleagues. In this work, I apply the basic principles of mediation which include:
–  Remaining open to the process:  As a mediator I am neither judge nor consultant. I am is simply supporting the parties with a process that allows them to jointly find a solution on their own.
– Being in favor of all parties: As a mediator I am neither in favor of one party nor neutral. I favor all parties equally.

A first inquiry on whether a mediation makes sense in a given situation is always free of charge. Simply contact me to find out more.