In order to change the world (or your company) you only need a handful of people that act together. I offer a variety of workshops to help your team to tackle an innovation-challenge, to rock the current project or to generally become more engaged and aligned. Methods and formats I offer are for example: Offsite days, Design Thinking, best practice workshops and team-alignment according to the MirrorMirror approach.
Innovation Challenge / Design Thinking

Innvovation is the name of the game when it comes to staying ahead of your competitors. Together with specialized colleagues I design innovation challenges and design thinking workshops for teams and larger groups. An Innovation challenge involves splitting your team into smaller groups and taking them through a set course of exercises that help them to fully map out the challenge, come up with creative solutions and prototype them right way. Depending on the depth of the intervention a 1,5 to 4 days workshop is most advisable.

Team Day / Offsite-Day

I offer workshops if team want to spent a classical team-day. May the reason be to review the work of the last months, to set-up the strategy for the next project period, to clarify roles and responsibilities or to work on the team-culture and feedback-culture. 

Best Practise Workshops / Cross-Unit Exchange
Often large companies or enterprises have different departments or teams dealing with the same tools, data or challenges. In this case I design best practise workshops that bring together team-members from the different departments. During the course of some hours or a day they  get to know each other, network, share their insights, transfer knowledge and initiate synergies or cooperations. Often these synergies can save the company a lot of money in the case of joint aquisition deals, enlarge the joint pool of data or replace an external expert.
Team Alignment / The Mirror Mirror Approach

Do you know the feeling that a team day was just a tiny bit to short to get to the bottom of things? Or that a employe survey didn’t lead to concrete improvements? This approach works like a team day. Exept it’s just a bit more thorough and in depth. It tackles this challenges with the combination of different proven consulting methods and takes your team through a three step process of
a) individual yet standardised interviews with each team-member
b) a thorough analysis of the perceived reality each team-member has of the current status quo
c) a team day that builts on the in-depth analysis of the interviews.

An Approach that is perfect for remote-teams, teams after a merger or in an organisational development process.

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Mediation / Conflict Resolution

Sometimes substantial team conflicts or friction between company employees can cause a great loss in efficiency and thus money. In situations like these, I design a mediation process to help the people involved clear up issues and work towards a solution. For bigger teams, I co-mediate with colleagues. In this work, I apply the basic principles of mediation which include:
–  Remaining open to the process:  As a mediator I am neither judge nor consultant. I am is simply supporting the parties with a process that allows them to jointly find a solution on their own.
– Being in favor of all parties: As a mediator I am neither in favor of one party nor neutral. I favor all parties equally.

A first inquiry on whether a mediation makes sense in a given situation is always free of charge. Simply contact me to find out more

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