SXSW & Mercedes Me Convention

The holy grale and mother of all tech-conferences – SXSW Austin – is collaborating with Mercedes to bring their Austin-event to Europe. It’s called SXSW Mercedes Me Convention and takes place in changing cities. It was my honour to be part of the team and host the Insight Stage of Me Convention Stockholm. There I met some of the most inspiring and forward thinking minds in their respective fields, such as for example Shaun Frankson Co-Founder of the blockchain-powered Plastik Bank, the artists and social media gurus ‘The Kissinger Twins’ or Elizabeth Parrish, the first woman to receive gene-modification against aging.
On a side-gig I was presenting an Instagram TV production for the launch of the new Mercedes A-Class.


More on the IGTV-clip here: Discover the Mercedes A-Class with Zackes
And more on the SXSW Mercedes Me Convention here: